Is Your Digital Sales Office Ready?

Say hello to Turkey's first digital sales office system specially developed for the sales and marketing of construction projects. Konutmatik®Pro, which collects practically all the operations needed to develop sales into a single application, is now at your service with a much wider transaction network.

Some brands were ready for the future with Konutmatik

Some of the construction companies using Konutmatik Digital Sales Office to market their branded housing projects.

  • Sales Actions Management

    Create new sales and review sales actions practically with your mobile devices. Team managers can follow what team members are doing via the applications.

  • Reporting and Mobile age

    Create practical reports with your mobile devices.

  • Start Screen Share / Live-Stream

    With Live Screen Share, you can make remote presentations without the need for customers to come to the sales offices. You can reserve the property on behalf of the customer.

  • Larger Sales Network

    No matter where in the world, authorized investors or brokers can start using the system within seconds by entering their Username and Password in the Konutmatik application, which they download to their mobile devices.

  • Multi-Lingual

    Konutmatik® provides options for more than one language. So, it gives the chance to present a project and realize its sales by the authorized users all over the world.

  • User Authorization

    Konutmatik® Konutmatik authorization system offers many customization options for the user such as stock filter, commission, discount rate and exchange rate options.

  • Multiple Project Management

    Konutmatik® helps you manage more than one project on just one device. It gives you the chance to present more than one project to your customer by smooth trans transitioning between projects.

  • Visual Promotion

    A good project needs a good promotion. With indoor and outdoor visuals, promotion videos, apartment views, live worksite videos, VR, Google Map® location feature; Konutmatik provides detailed promotions for the project in a fast and easy way.

  • Optioning with Credit Card

    Apartment optioning processes can be done via online bank credit cards on Konutmatik® devices.

You can download Konutmatik Pro mobile applications from Apple AppStore, Google PlayStore and Huawei AppGallery. *A special password is required to connect to the real estate projects in the system.


The "live-stream" period, a new and innovative development, brought by Konutmatik to the sector in the apartment sales of branded projects.


Your customers can watch your live-streaming presentation by clicking on the link.


The new developments that come with version 3.0 allow customers to make decisions with detailed presentations remotely, and even to perform pre-sales, without having to come to the sales offices.




To view the view of the apartments with one click, Konutmatik® Drone pilots are at work;


Konutmatik® provides the opportunity to view the view of the flats with one click.

Imagine a presentation where you can view the view of the apartment with one click. For this, our expert drone teams will be following the most appropriate shooting time for the project.

Multi-language support

Konutmatik® offers multiple language options. In this way, it enables Investors to reach their own spoken language wherever they are in the world.

Exchange rates in Konutmatik Pro are updated instantly from the TCMB exchange rate system.


With its fast installation, easy operation and multi - lingual support, Konutmatik offers the opportunity to present domestic construction projects to foreign investors in a practical way. For this, it uses an advanced technological infrastructure.


Prevent forgetfulness with the mobile notification services of the Smart Customer Tracking System. Track the progress in the units your customers are interested in.


Follow your sales actions practically with your mobile devices. Make your work easier with reminder services. Keep track of team work, create quick reports.


Don't miss any details with the Voice Notes feature that allows you to take notes practically after customer calls. Press, speak and record.


Konutmatik®; which works easily on iOS and Android phones and tablets, provides the opportunity to work with the same user by synchronizing multiple devices.


You can update the status of the apartment instantly using the practical panel. All users will see the new status of the apartment simultaneously.