Konutmatik®; is an integrated product and software system that brings a new dimension to the Real Estate sales and marketing system and provides practical solutions with the developing technology.

Konutmatik® App | Konutmatik® Vizyon

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    Real Remarketing
    Be prepared for the most efficient advertisement campaign up to now with Konutmatik®.

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    Larger Sales Network
    Konutmatik® is an unprecedented sales and marketing system. It works on mobile devices with simultaneous stock controls. This way, it gives the opportunity to book-build in not only sales offices but also in exhibition stands, meeting rooms, even in a cafeteria.

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    Multi-Lingual Support
    Konutmatik® provides options for more than one language. So, it gives the chance to present project A, block b, apartment number 59 and realize its sales by the authorized users all over the world.

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    User Authorization
    Konutmatik® prevents the possible conflicts thanks to the authorization system. Some users can update the price and stock while some can be limited with only the optioning feature.

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    Multiple Project Management
    Konutmatik® helps you manage more than one project on just one device. It gives you the chance to present more than one project to your customer by smooth trans transitioning between projects.

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    Visual Promotion
    A good project needs a good promotion. With indoor and outdoor visuals, promotion videos, show Apartment, live sideworks video, Google Map® location feature; Konutmatik® provides detailed promotions for the project in a fast and easy way.

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    Market Integration
    Models prepared for the automation system can be controlled via Panel.

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    Apartment Optioning with Credit Card
    Apartment optioning processes can be done via online bank credit cards on Konutmatik® devices.

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Control is in your hands

Update your data safe and instantly with Konutmatik® Panel

Real Estate Sales and Marketing System…

Konutmatik® is an unprecedented sales and marketing system. It works on mobile devices, kiosks and TVs with simultaneous stock controls.

System running on online database gives the opportunity to perform sales for tens of personnel thanks to the simultaneously inter-communicating devices.

Therefore, it gives the opportunity to book-build in not only sales offices but also in fair stands, meeting salons, even in a cafeteria.

While some sales personnel can perform only the optioning, thank to the user authorization system, some can stop the sales for the Apartment.

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We are rising up for more...

Konutmatik® Drone pilots are on the job

One click for Apartment view...

Imagine a presentation where you can see the view from the Apartment with just one click. For this, expert drone teams will be following the most suitable shooting time for the project.

Konutmatik Drone Ekibi

Konutmatik® allows you to strengthen sales by making perfect presentations in a practical way. You can present architectural visuals, landscape areas, social facilities, interior visuals, even project presentation videos with one click from the gallery section specially designed for each project.

You can also include stations, hospitals, shopping centers, etc. located near the project from the location section by using the location of the project.

Konutmatik Panel Bildirimi Opsiyonlandı Konutmatik Panel Bildirimi Satıldı Konutmatik Panel Bildirimi Opsiyonlandı

Konutmatik® Panel
would like to send you notifications

Konutmatik® Panel users can monitor online status updates thanks to the mobile notification feature.

Technological solutions for collective presentations

With Konutmatik®, you can manage massive projects with your fingertips projects at your fingertips.

Konutmatik Ekran Yansıtma

You can perform the presentation of your construction drawings projects anytime, anywhere using your tablet or your mobile phone

You can transform your presentation into a collective presentation by projecting your presentation on a large TV screen or projection device.

Image Projection

You can transfer your presentation on mobile device to TV's or projection devices.

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World is in your pocket!

Leave the boundaries behind; with Konutmatik® technology, there will be no obstacles to opening up the global real estate market.

Globalize your Sales

Konutmatik® system is your key to offer your projects to global market. In a fast and practical way...

With its fast installation, easy operation and multi-lingual support, Konutmatik® offers the opportunity to present domestic construction drawings projectss to foreign investors in a practical way. For this, it uses an advanced technological infrastructure.

Konutmatik Çoklu Dil Desteği İstanbul

No matter where in the world, authorized investors or brokers can start using the system within seconds by entering their Project ID code in the Konutmatik® application, which they download to their mobile devices.

With mobile devices communicating with each other online, they have the possibility to create demand all over the world at the same time thanks to the instant stock controls.

In the event of a second offer; specifically authorized users may be prevented from entering the system.


Practical presentations with kiosk integration...


With the kiosk touchscreen devices, you can take the presentation one step further, allowing your visitors to quickly get information about the project.

Konutmatik Vizyon Kiosk

Konutmatik®Vision products allows your customers to get practical information about the project in the sales office or in outdoor areas such as fair stands.

Konutmatik Vizyon Kiosk

Konutmatik Kiosks provides easy access to many information such as project visuals, promotion film, floor and Apartment plans, Apartment views, location of the project, etc.

Optionally, stock information provided by the Konutmatik® App (open for sale, optioned and closed for sale Apartments) can also be seen in the Konutmatik® Vision products.